August 13, 2015

Podcast from Cities Alive: Road Wars

From New Cities Alive: A podcast on Road Wars.

What is it about sharing the road that incites animosity between people on bikes and people in cars? How have cities tried to resolve the battle between cars and bikes? Tune into the new episode and learn about the innovative ways that communities are working towards becoming more bike-friendly and putting an end to the incessant conflict. We share examples from Amsterdam to Vancouver and everywhere in between! …

We interview experts familiar with the development of cycling infrastructure in the bicycle mecca of The Netherlands and point to innovative and intelligent ways to rework public streets. Interviewees include:

  • Executive Director of Cycle Toronto Jared Kolb
  • Former member of Vancouver City Council, Gordon Price
  • Seattle Neighborhood Greenways leader, Cathy Tuttle
  • Marco te Brömmelstroet of Amsterdam’s Urban Cycling Institute
  • Mitra Kalita.


More on Cities Alive:

Cities Alive is a Planning and Design Centre production, located in Halifax Nova Scotia, which brings planning and development issues from around Canada and the world down to earth through storytelling. Podcast hosts are Danielle Davis and Ross Soward.

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