August 2, 2015

What I love (or don’t) about Copenhagen

(Or,  Hvad jeg elsker eller ikke om København)

I’ve given a pretty light listing of things I noticed about Copenhagen as a tourist.  Perhaps you, PT reader, have something to add if you’ve visited there.  Even better, if you live there.

Add your suggestions in the Comments, or send them on Twitter to @pricetags.

And ask your friends.

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  1. Though I haven’t visited yet the one thing that struck me from your photos was the relative lack of greenery, outside of parks. I was in the West End yesterday and was struck again by how lush it us for such a dense area.

    1. Post

      I wondered that too. Is it cultural tradition, a lack of space in a dense city with medieval roots, the difficulties of maintaining trees in a northern winter city – snow, salt, etc?

      1. I don’t know about Copenhagen specifically, but there seem few problems maintaining city trees in Northern Germany. Some cities removed trees on main streets in the 1960s and 70s to make room for cars.

        Rome is one of the most wonderful cities for trees. Trees are left standing even if they are in the way or drivers repeatedly crash into them.

  2. Having lived in Copenhagen for a decade+, the bike culture really got under my skin. And it is about much more than the many cool, beautiful and practical facilities and infrastructural items being present. The culture of taking the bike in Copenhagen, is really a question of social attitudes and a lot about emancipation. We are all free and equal on the bikelane – more so than in most other situations. And I would dare claim, that this has a profound impact on copenhageners attitude toward one another and the city they have in common, as well as being a reproducing product of a well-known danish attitude towards values of social equality, democracy etc.

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