June 26, 2015

Ohrn Image: Got Land? We Got Bucks!

As if anyone doesn’t know, there is a buying frenzy for developable land in the Dunbar area.  It is beginning to seem somewhat irrational, and may be entering bubble-like territory.  But this customer solicitation method is new to me.

This sign is on the boulevard at 16th and Dunbar, amid the usual notices of garage sales:



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  1. Wow. That’s a lot to pay for 3 feet of land. I wonder how much they’re willing to pay for the other 30 feet or so?

  2. Absolute parasites, tearing down heritage cottages for cheaply made crap that doesn’t fit the neighbourhood in the slightest and then left unoccupied. Vancouver protects heritage like the Taliban protects Buddhist Monuments.

  3. There’s a legal case there: either false advertising or a breach of contract. I don’t see the “Dunbar” only disclaimer, so the 33 inches could be anywhere in the City, province, country or world. Who needs to divest themselves of a shack on swamp land?

  4. This sign is gone from the place where I saw it, and another has popped up elsewhere. Perhaps this is some sort of art project, or politically-themed commentary. In any case, very clever.

  5. Operating on the premise that something is sketchy about this offer, I sought out a payphone and called the number. Payphone??!? Yes, it was hard to find.

    But back to the number. After one ring, a nice voice told me that I needed to deposit more money (50 cents) in order to connect. I smelled scam, and hung up. Got my quarter back.

    I wish I knew what was going on here.

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