June 25, 2015

Where to report cycling “crashes, near misses, hazards, and thefts”

N asks:

I have tried to look on city of Vancouver website to find a place to report problem spots related to bike safety but could not find a place other than just writing to a councillor. Does a place exist for proper reporting?

Help improve cycling safety by mapping crashes, near misses, hazards, and thefts to the BikeMaps.org website, developed as part of a research program at the University of Victoria (UVic). Bunt & Associates and UVic, together with Simon Fraser University (SFU), are undertaking a joint project to use the BikeMaps data to study cycling safety in the City.

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  1. Also Call the City of Vancouver at 3-1-1 or use the VanConnect app, which you can upload a picture of the issue along with location details and a description. The more people that report a concern, the higher it gets on the priority list!

    1. So you would recommend that for an issue like dooring specifically on Beatty street where the “bike lane” is within 1 meter of parked cars?

  2. Please remember that bikemaps does not replace 3-1-1. If it’s something that needs fixing or requires action from the city it needs to be reported through 3-1-1.

  3. I agree with using 311 as the primary reporting channel, or Vanconnect. If you do write to the City to express your concerns, use the bicycle hotline at bikevancouver@vancouver.ca Ask for a response with the resolution. You can also write to all of council at mayorandcouncil@vancouver.ca If you send an email to either of the above, and want to add your voice to HUB Cycling’s campaigns, cc vancouver@bikehub.ca Volunteers at HUB don’t resolve these sorts of issues directly, but do advocate for improved cycling infrastructure and keep track of problem areas.

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