June 25, 2015

Toronto: The New Queen’s Quay

From the Toronto Star:

How well do the new Queens Quay bike lanes serve Toronto cyclists?


The new-look Queens Quay officially opened last Friday with many appealingly fresh details to grab the eye — a tree-lined plaza, rejigged streetcar tracks, an extra-wide sidewalk often made of red granite blocks, not the usual concrete — but what got the most use right away was the two-way bike lane.

Toronto cyclists have been waiting since the project began in November 2012, and while they weren’t alone — joggers and people in wheelchairs also took to the lanes — they’ve been out in force taking advantage of the new way to ride. Stephen Spencer Davis gave it a try, too.


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  1. It looks pretty but it has some big design flaws. There should be more separation between the cycle track and the sidewalk. A curb or bushes or something. Something to make it instantly obvious where to walk and where to cycle. We see that here on the Seawall. It works well in some places and in others it doesn’t.
    If the blue boxes are an indicator or a stop line then it only needs to be on the right side on a two way path. (This is indicative that the designers don’t really understand how things work.)
    The intersections crossing roads need better indication that they are a crossing.

    I could get all conspiratorial and imagine that it’s been designed that way to make cyclists look bad so that no other ones get made but it could be just incompetent or lack of knowledge of best practise.

    Still, for Toronto it’s pretty good. They have quite the low to bounce back from so even this is great!

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