June 5, 2015

The Daily Durning’s Weekly Housing Summary

A compilation from Tom Durning:.


I suppose the term density creep is ‘creeping’ into planning lexicon.  Here are two articles in the Toronto Star. In one, the former head of planning for  the City of Vancouver has some interesting things to say.




Seems the federal government of Australia has bought into charging foreign investors in real estate some extra fees.



Others don’t believe that foreign money is the cause of an extremely costly real estate market.




It would be nice to live on Jericho Beach in one of these for the summer.



There is much more public involvement in the civic planning process now. Folks are more knowledgeable now than they ever were.
There’s an opinion on perhaps why by a French Sociologist writing about the Boston area.



Underhoused Vancouverites. What is the answer?



We do some things right.



From Britain. If this sounds a bit familiar … Generation rent …


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