June 3, 2015

Changes in Price Tags during the next two months




The results of the referendum should be out sometime in June – likely when I will be out of town.  Normally, I would just put this blog on hold until I return – but the post-referendum period is too important for that.

Instead, I’d like to use Price Tags as the go-to forum to discuss some critical questions before and after the results of the referendum are known.

If Yes:

  • How did the Yes side succeed?
  • What should be the first priorities?
  • What should happen to the TransLink regardless?

If No:

  • What is the meaning of No?
  • What will be the consequences, short- and long-term?
  • How do we get to Yes?


So in the next few weeks, as I prepare for out-of-town presentations, the amount of content in Price Tags will drop.  Rather, posts will increasingly concentrate on the post-referendum period and where we go from here.

I’ll also be counting on more contributions from you.

I’d ask that you send me a few paragraphs on your predictions of the referendum results – and what it means for the region.  I welcome observations on the politics, the lessons learned, your personal perspectives.

You can send them to me directly at pricetags @ shaw.ca.   I will select those to post as individual items, and invite further response by readers.

You may continue to comment on selected posts, and I’ll pick those contributions which add something worthwhile to the dialogue, bring them forward to post as separate items, and add my own comments and links.  I’ll also be editing comments more in order to avoid flame wars, insults and repetition.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the direction of this region is at stake.  Price Tags will be the place to share your views and ideas.

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