May 5, 2015

Roundtable: Housing and Photography in Vancouver

A roundtable on housing and photography in Vancouver will be held at grunt gallery in relation to Henri Robideau’s Eraser Street exhibit.  The lineup:  Clint Burnham and Jeff Derksen (SFU English), Eugene McCann (SFU Geography) and Wendy Pedersen, Audry Siegel, Lorna Brown, and Henri Robideau.
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Saturday, May 9
1–4 pm
350 East 2nd Avenue – #116

Eraser Street

Artist: Henri Robideau

Exhibition Dates: April 9 – May 16



Eraser Street Hubris, Humility and Humanity in the Making of a City! is an exhibition that mixes Robideau’s newest and oldest photographs of moments, milestones and monuments in Vancouver, tracing the character of the city and its residents during the last 40 years of non-stop growth. The work reflects upon the quality of life in Vancouver, the value of heritage, the economic engine of development, homelessness and the voice of the people. Robideau’s holographic satirical text charts history while critiquing the forces of government and commerce that have had a hand in shaping our urban environment.

ESSAY | Eraser Street – Hubris, Humility and Humanity in the Making of a City! – Henri Robideau – Written by Clint Burnham

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