April 29, 2015

The Daily Scot: Green walls in San Francisco

Scot finds fiscus:

Ficus vines add a new layer and dimension to these simple structures breaking up building mass and adding variation to the street scene. Love the bold gesture of covering an entire building.  What if we tried this in Vancouver, or just introduced more vine-covered elevations in our architecture?


Scot - green 1


Scot - green 2

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    1. Can be, depends on the species and the structure i.e. solid concrete, block, etc. You can construct a metal trellis structure just off the elevation for the vine

  1. I heard that vines can destroy the walls of a building, is that an urban myth or something that can be handled with a bit of planning?

  2. In Taipei all construction fences are vertical gardens. Makes up for a lot of the ugliness, noise and dust of construction projects.

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