April 27, 2015

Join a Jane’s Walk – May 1, 2, 3




Go here for walks and details.

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  1. I have every respect for the Jacobs’ (mere et fils) record and vision, but isn’t this an interesting wording choice: “the city you love.”

    How many people live in a city because they love it? How many people who live in a city love it? What exactly, altogether, does love have to do with living in a city? And if you don’t love the city, could you go on this walk anyway? Could you even lead such a walk without love? Does love for the city vs not loving it create some sort of gradient between the two categories of resident – is there an implied or explicit difference in civic value, rights, knowledge, duty?

    What is the purpose of invoking love in discussions about a city?

    1. Good questions. Maybe it’s just love of the place you live. Maybe cities are harder to “love” unless well built. A walk in the forest or on the beach are probably the best of all walks but most people don’t live in the forest or on the beach.

  2. If you will excuse my stomping on your media to expand the promotion – New Westminster is challenging Vancouver for the number of Jane’s Walks this year. This is a good chance to take the Skytrain out to the “Royal City / New Brooklyn” (ugh) and see why a disproportionate number of people love this City so much! Walks themed around many topics, including one led by the Mayor, and two more led by City Councillors! All info here:

  3. Not sure why you linked directly to Vancouver’s page. There are excellent walks going on all around the region, which should be highlighted as well.

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