April 22, 2015

Chicago: Polka-Dot Urbanism

From NextCity:


In a move sure to win the hearts of tactical urbanists and placemakers alike, an otherwise solely functional intersection is being transformed into a community destination for Chicagoans — rather painlessly and inexpensively.

Construction begins next week to create the Lincoln Hub, decked out with new planters and seating — and polka-dot art on the sidewalks. The intersection of Lincoln, Southport and Wellington is a pedestrian zone that theLakeview Chamber of Commerce hopes to transform with this new placemaking project.




“Residents overwhelmingly wanted this sense of a town square, a central hub. Businesses wanted traffic calming, they want people to notice their businesses and creating more of a pedestrian feeling,” Lee Crandell, director of the West Lakeview Special Service Area program, toldDNAinfo.




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