April 14, 2015

New York – Cooper Square 41 – 4

Despite the cost of 41 Cooper Square, it’s not a particularly well-finished building.  Indeed, it seems in some places to be cheaply done, with a distinct lack of finesse in its detailing.




For a facility in the service of art, there’s a distinct lack of it on its walls.  The outdoor decks lack basic amenities.  And just try to find a washroom.




I was told the building that this one replaced actually had more functional space. The studios are chaotic.  But it does have one thing going for it:




Like much that’s new in the Villages of Manhattan, the initial reception to 41 Cooper was hostile.  Probably a sign that in time, it will become a much-loved landmark, associated with the artists who graduate from it, and eventually there will be a fight to preserve its integrity.

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