April 10, 2015

New York – The Tallest Condo – 1

If there’s a single architectural controversy in New York (and there really isn’t only one), it’s the emerging line-up of supertall condo towers, particularly along 57th Street in Midtown Manhattan:




Gizmodo describes them here.

Nothing quite represents how the influx of global money is transforming the New York’s real-estate market and skyline as these towers.  Who lives there (or, often, who owns but doesn’t actually live there) is described in this New York Times series: Stream of Foreign Wealth Flows to Elite New York Real Estate.

san-gimignano-towers-torri-1-bigThe tallest of them all is 432 Park, designed by Rafael Viñoly: “the third tallest building in the United States, and the tallest residential building in the world” – absurdly tall, actually (made possible by advanced technologies and, in particular, on how it handles wind pressure).

Despite the ultra-luxury targeting, it resembles more a giant chimney or, more romantically, a medieval tower in San Gimignano (right).  In any event, it’s unavoidable – a presence on the skyline from viewpoints all over the city.  As I went through my images, sure enough, there is was, often unexpectedly, when I was photographing city.

So today, from New York, the inescapable 432 Park:


432 park

From Roosevelt Island.


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  1. I love this building.

    I took a course on New York once, and the Professor began with this picture, the tower of babel: http://www.webalice.it/scriviaferrari/Dipinti/images/Pieter%20Bruegel%20-%20la%20grande%20torre%20di%20babele.jpg

    I’ve always remembered it because the myth is such an apt metaphor for the city, in so many ways.

    It would be cool to see the building superimposed on the Vancouver skyline, just to understand the scale of it. As well as to hear the noises of indignation collectively uttered by the planning intelligentsia here.

    They have an Ayn Randian element (and it’s not just due to the statue of Atlas at the base of 30 Rock). Vancouverites find these sorts of displays arrogant, uncouth, unlivable! We don’t value “winning” as much here.