March 13, 2015

Photos: Way East of Main

From Patrick Klassen:

Seeing all the lovely photos of Vancouver on your blog, and I thought, wait a minute, New Westminster needs some love too!  My partner and I are recently relocated East Vancouverites – we now live in the West End of New Westminster.

The best part is that I walk to the 22nd Street SkyTrain Station every morning, and every day I take a few pics of my walk.  The pics help me to reflect on how lucky it is to be able to walk-train to work, rather than drive.  Those poor car commuters never get mornings like these.


Grimson Park, Mon-Tues

 Grimson Park, Monday and Tuesday

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  1. Lovely pair of photos!

    According to an article in the National Post (link below), people who live in areas well served by transit live about 4 years longer than those who live in car-dependent communities because readily available transit encourages walking.

    Count your blessings, vote “yes”, and live for another 4 years. (That should be a campaign slogan!)


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