March 9, 2015

Bike Racks: Temporary Encouragement

Ohrn had a brief moment of encouragement:

Rode downtown for various reasons today and decided to stop off at the East Convention Centre to get a coffee and go to the end of Canada Place pier to watch airplanes for a while.   And enjoy the sun.  And the nowhere-else-in-the-world enchanting view.

While riding down Burrard to get there, I was pondering why the Trade and Convention Centre has NO bike parking, despite it being a busy place.  And trying to remember what part of the fence is a good place to lock up my bike.

But  I arrived there to see this.




Surprised?  Oh yeah.  Until I figured out that the busy busy racks were temporaries — due to the Vancouver Bike Show going on inside.


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  1. It is certainly time for Vancouver to get serious about bike parking and add some dedicated (and realistically functional) spaces for this, particularly bicycle corrals that don’t take away space from the public sidewalk, and give businesses a boost of having rock star parking for dozens of potential customers right outside. Our main commercial streets should have one at least every couple blocks…on Main, the Drive, West 4th, etc.

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