March 1, 2015

Burrard Bridge: Celebrating a Million Cycling Trips in …

Sometime in July or August?  So thinks Ohrn:


Ohrn BB

0955 March 1, 2015


This counter registered 70,402 people on bikes who crossed the bridge in February 2015.  This is a 71.7 percent increase over the number counted in February, 2014.  Year-to-date increase is 40.2 percent over 2014.   People like to ride their bikes, and they just keep on a-ridin’.  Especially when there is safe and effective infrastructure available and connected into useable networks.

  •    Total riders year-to-date 2015      133,651
  •    Riders as of  March 1, 2015                  422
  •    Riders in January 2015                    62,827
  •    Riders in February 2015                  70,402


My private projection is that the count of people riding bikes over the Burrard Bridge will reach 1,000,000 somewhere in late July or early August.  This projection is subject to revision, obviously, as things progress through the year. But does anyone want to consider unleashing some hoopla when the magic number rolls over?

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  1. Yes, celebrating a million riders seems a very good idea. But let’s make sure the numbers are correct. A million since when? How do the monthly figures add up to a million? I’d love to see all the numbers, just to make sure they’re right and to ensure that we don’t give ammunition to anti-bike-lane people.

  2. It’s a million since January 1, 2015. I arrive at this estimate by using the historical counts available on CoV’s web site and extrapolating.

    1. A good enough calculation for now. Whenever it gets over 950,000 we can start to get a better idea of when it could happen.
      Also, who will it be? Will they get a free commemorative water bottle or anything?

      1. Agreed. We’ll have a much sharper estimated date in June or July. I’d like to see a little hoopla — gift, pix, who knows what. Time to start some planning.

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