January 29, 2015

The Referendum and Our Health: Today’s Round-up

Here’s the Powerpoint with commentary that launched the latest round of coverage:



Here’s the summary from BC Healthy Living Alliance:


The Transportation Referendum and Your Health’ Webinar Summary


There is a huge body of evidence that shows that community design and transportation systems greatly impact our ability to be healthy, which is why at BCHLA we are big supporters of active transportation and healthier built environments.

  • Physical activity and reduces risk for chronic disease. According to VCH data, Metro Vancouver residents that take transit are 27% less likely to report being overweight or obese and those who bike or walk are 45% less likely.

  •  Air quality. There are 680 deaths each year in Metro Vancouver that can be attributed to air pollution. It aggravates chronic lung conditions such as asthma and COPD but also has a long-term effect on heart disease, lung cancer and can reduce overall life expectancy.

  • Health equity. Transit helps disadvantaged groups, who have a higher risk for disease, to access employment, education, health services, social and recreational opportunities and healthy food which will help keep them healthier.

  • Injury prevention. There is a direct connection between vehicle mileage and per capita traffic fatalities..


Here’s the coverage from Jeff Nagel in the Surrey Leader:.

Referendum Yes campaigners play health card


Dr. Patricia Daly, chief medical health officer for Vancouver Coastal Health, came out in support of the proposed $7.5 billion in transit upgrades Wednesday.

More transit use will translate into proportionally less driving by residents, resulting in fewer deadly crashes and a drop in the 680 Metro deaths per year attributable to air pollution, Daly predicted.

“That will benefit not only those intending to use the new transportation routes,” Daly said. “It will benefit the entire population with every breath they take.”

She said public health officers in the region agree the referendum can deliver the “next great public health legacy” for the region since the Canada Line arrived with the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Nagel also quotes Bateman:

No TransLink Tax campaign head Jordan Bateman said claims by a UBC public health professor that a No vote will cause cancer, dementia and strokes are “ridiculous” and show the Yes campaign is desperate.

Dismissing the transit-health connection as “ridiculous” reflects a curious obliviousness, given the front page story in the Sun today:.

 Sun… and this kind of response:

Sun 2

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