January 27, 2015

Design-Build Competition: Robson Redux

Still time to enter Robson Redux, the now-annual design competition to create the next VIVA Vancouver public space installation on Robson Street.




Last year’s Robson Redux competition drew more than 80 entries worldwide, and resulted in a popular Urban Reef installation in downtown Vancouver.



Details here.

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    1. Does that mean it is perfectly OK to burn hundred of thousands of $ on transit detour, because any way we need million of them to run Transit?

      I am afraid this cavalier attitude is the very reason why the “yes” side is in such a trouble today

      Does that mean Broadway bus riders deserve order of magnitude more consideration than the “grey hair” ones on the bus 5?

      As would says Gill Pensola, valuing transit starts with respect for its riders, including (especially the bus riders). Sending them on a circuituous route to please special interest group when other solutions are possible, shows deep lack of respect.

      For the record, I am all for a pedestrian oriented Robson square. Even more, I have no issue with the below Thomas Bayer idea…as long as accessibility and mobility for people of all age and ability is preserved:

      BTW, It looks it is what is planned in London’s Tottenham Court Road


      The city of Vancouver just has to walk the talk when come to Transit.
      It could be so much better for everyone, and its mayor could be much more credible in the “yes” campaign than he is now.

  1. A start.

    Better would be a pedestiran zone for 3-4 blocks .. Thu pm to Sunday .. then all along from Stadium to Stanley park .. all days of the week .. with Christmas market on it in December. That would be a major tourist attraction & shopping destination, real green, great to walk and a bonus to this car clogged downtown.

    On my list on a letter to our mayor G Robertson.

  2. Stephen Quinn did a tongue-in-cheek (I think) commentary on Robson Street’s summer time make overs.

    “On Robson St., never mind pedestrian friendly – let’s really get creative
    The portion of perfectly fine navigable roadway between the Vancouver Art Gallery and Arthur Erickson’s famous Law Courts will be closed for yet another summer to accommodate a pedestrian-friendly and no-doubt whimsical expression of our collective hatred of the automobile. …” continues at http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/british-columbia/on-robson-st-never-mind-pedestrian-friendly-lets-really-get-creative/article22498757/