October 16, 2014

Ohrn Words: An Uncomfortable Thing

One of the principles of propaganda is to steadily beat the drum on topics carefully chosen to distract and influence the public.  And strenuously avoid others.
In this case, here is a rare opinion column on death to pedestrians caused by motor vehicles.  It’s pretty well a taboo, one of those uncomfortable things that we all agree to ignore. Sort of like drunk driving and cigarette smoking were not all that long ago.
In this case, the Globe and Mail’s Elizabeth Renzetti cites Toronto’s sad record on ped deaths caused by motor vehicles, her own horrifying experience walking her kids to school, and cites Vancouver’s successful efforts to reduce ped deaths.     She also notes past attempts in Toronto to curb motorist’s deadly attitudes and opportunities, which routinely fail because they are:  “… drowned out by the deafening whining of the car lobby and its political mouthpieces.”
I recommend that you read this now, since we will not likely see anything like it again soon.

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