September 26, 2014

Ohrn Words: A new feature on civic issues

Ken Ohrn as a photographer has been contributing images to Price Tags for some time now, adding a wonderful visual rhythm to the flow of posts.  But Ken Ohrn as a writer also deserves some space, particularly his insights, often acerbic, on the civic scene.  With the municipal election gearing up, this seems like an apt time to start a new feature: Ohrn Words.
Like these:


Cedar Leader Confuses Reader
The leader and mayoral candidate of the Cedar Party, (“Making the World Safe For Muscle Cars”), Glen Chernen has withdrawn from the Vancouver civic mayoral race and joined a non-Vision, non-NPA coalition (a.k.a. the Ragtags). He’ll still run for councilor.
Apparently, Cedar has decided that Bob Kasting (independent) is a better choice for Mayor.  In turn, Mr. Kasting thinks the Green Party’s principles are remarkably similar to his, and that Cedar’s interests align with his (where muscle cars and anti-bike rhetoric fit in I do not know).  TEAM’s spokesperson, according to The Straight, likes the Ragtags as well.

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