September 3, 2014

Ghost Estates of Ireland

China gets all the ghostly coverage when it comes to incompete, abandoned or empty cities.  At a smaller scale, Ireland – post 2008 – deserves some of the spotlight.  Gladys We came across this in Slate: A Stroll Through Ireland’s Eerie Ghost Estates.

Valérie Anex, an Irish citizen who grew up in Switzerland, was in County Leitrim in 2010 when she first came across ghost estates— a development of 10 houses or more in which 50 percent or less of homes are occupied or completed. Anex was astonished to learn that ghost estates were common all around the country. …
In 2011, Anex spent three weeks photographing ghost estates in four counties in the northwest region of the Republic of Ireland, an experience she described as “morbid” and “lonely.”  …

The Waterways, Keshcarrigan.  Bailieboro Road, Virginia.
Armada Cottages, Bundoran.

Anex went back to Ireland last year to visit, and she saw many of the developments she photographed. While construction on some estates had been completed, many of the houses hadn’t changed in the time she’d been away “Most of these houses still lie there empty and the Irish continue to pay indirectly for their absurd existence. Set in abandoned and isolated areas, they stand there waiting for someone to move into them, to finish them, or to demolish them, should the money necessary for those tasks ever be found,” she said.

More pictures and full article here.

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  1. It’s interesting how crap the urban design is here. The architecture and materials look like shiny new Poundbury, but the street widths and layout absolutely do not. The street plan doesn’t offer the good bones that will easily allow for their revival, but instead will require serious sprawl repair surgery to stitch together a viable human scale neighborhood from the ruins.
    If only there was an app for that… (