August 28, 2014

How would you like it if …

Bike lane

Via Taras Grescoe and @spacing.

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  1. This really sets up an adversarial stance of MINE and YOURS.
    i.e. the societal overemphasis on MY rights and ME, ME, ME
    and people’s overreaction when taking others’ behaviour as a personal attack.
    Bad parking jobs affect everyone from cyclists to drivers to pedestrians.
    Next you’ll have big advertisements that read –
    “Get off MY sidewalk!! How would YOU like it if I walked on YOUR bike lane?”
    for cyclists who ride on the sidewalk.
    And then where will it all stop?

  2. I suppose I’d like it as much as a gang of pot smoking hooligans on two wheels tying up traffic throughout the downtown core the last Friday of every month and interfering with the operation of emergency vehicles.