August 19, 2014

The Daily Scot: Tipping Point on Suburban Poverty in U.S.

Scot links to Bloomberg: Ferguson Unrest Shows Poverty Grows Fastest in Suburbs

According to a Brookings Institution report July 31 that found the poor population growing twice as fast in U.S. suburbs as in city centers. …
“We’ve passed this tipping point and there are now more poor people in the suburbs than the cities,” said Elizabeth Kneebone, author of the report and a fellow at the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program in Washington. “In those communities, we see things like poorer health outcomes, failing schools and higher crime rates.”

Combine the economic realities of the above with the trend in the post below, and the transition of the police from protector of community to warrior for containment seems inevitable without major shifts in policy and politics.
Side note: Ferguson is a community of 21,000 in a county with 90 municipalities.  That would be like the West End of Vancouver being two separate cities.


St Louis County

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