July 30, 2014

Barcelona 18 – Impressions (5)

The tower at the end of The Diagonal …




Centro Comercial Glòries
Centro Comercial Glòries

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  1. Haha, Stephen. Left unsaid, probably because it is pretty obvious, is the horror of the tower in the snap. The otherwise noteworthy “Barcelona Urban Regeneration Model” relies too heavily on new architectural “statements” like this one, IMO. Certainly a violation of the transect, in the words of New Urbanist philosophy?

    It is interesting to note that the model calls for an introduction of a new social mix in quote deprived unquote neighbourhoods. Especially in light of Vancouver’s fear of a similar approach in the DTES.

  2. Does the tower look better on a clear day?
    It looks rather menacing reflecting the clouds – and being rather solitary.
    It would also benefit from some neighbouring building – to juxtapose against.
    It’ll probably fit in better once other buildings grow up around it.