July 24, 2014

The New Minivan: Neil, Rafe and the Bakfiets

Chris Bruntlett has a new piece for Vancouver is Awesome, starring Neil Salmond (PT readers will recognize him as Neil21) and his son Rafe (below).  Neil was in the market for a bakfiets (Dutch for “box bike’) – another sign of a steadily maturing bike culture – and Chris tells the story here of their New Minivan.




UPDATE: Ron Richings provides news about a similar innovation – the HouseTrike. Again from the Dutch!

From urbanvelo:

Bike camping seems to be the rage right now, but for slower traveling nomads or those living in the city, popping up a tent in public gets you in trouble almost immediately.

An Amsterdam artist, Bas Sprakel, has considered this dilemma and created an intermediate between bike camping and homeless domiciles, called the HouseTrike. The mobile temporary home includes a bed with an internal locking mechanism for safety. Sprakel is considering making adjustments in the next fabrication and taking the bike on a tour of Europe to show it’s practical nature.

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