July 23, 2014

Close Relations: Singapore and Vancouver

Jim Cheng took this shot of Interlace in Singapore:




Ray Spaxman wonders: “Perhaps it is just a storage site for them waitimg to be picked up and put on a real site somewhere?”

Maybe to Main Street in Vancouver, where Central (not designed by Cheng’s firm) already occupies some ground:



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  1. I still don’t get that Central building on Main. The idea of seeing through like that is cool, but it’s oriented the wrong way…

  2. Googling “Interlace Singapore” gives one a better appreciation of how this massive development fits within its parklike context in a remarkably different way from the repetitive and tired nearby towers-in-a-park approach.

    We simply do not have the space available here to try this concept reasonably. I’m surprised hyper dense Singapore has such room, too. Maybe on the outskirts.

    Now, how to get the pizza delivered…?