June 16, 2014

Vancouver Diary: Expression

From Dianna:


Here’s a real life, not overheard, conversation which I had this afternoon with a middle-aged woman outside our building.


She, rushing to hold the door open as I wheeled out my commuter bike: “What a day!”


Me: “It’s a great day for a ride, isn’t it?”


She, now putting on her helmet: “Yes, it’s just absolutely perfect. I got on the seawall this morning and rode all of it–Stanley Park, Science World, Granville Island, Jericho Beach. This city is so beautiful. It’s like a series of unfolding postcards.”


An overused expression but said this time with genuineness, and even a bit of wonder.

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  1. Do I sense an opportunity for a new iteration of that overused t-shirt?

    Stanley Park
    English Bay
    Science World
    Olympic Village
    Granville Island

  2. yup, the seawall and English Bay with snow capped mountain backdrop and sparkling water are the jewels of Vancouver. Go in 2-3 blocks and cars rule and the awe quickly dissipates. Let’s work together and make that pretty and people friendly, too, and maybe I will live to see it.

  3. I know, I know Thomas you have taken upon yourself a grave responsibility by leading us to an enlightenment of right wing righteousness. Thanqu indeed but you have no need: no one asked, no one is forcing it on you.

    No doubt you are too young to remember but there was a time, before the mid 1970’s, if I remember, after NAFTA when much of our wealth creating manufacturing went off shore and our jobs with it.

    Go in 2-3 blocks and cars rule and the awe quickly dissipates. ” What dissipates? Certainly not unaffordable real estate that you have previously expressed a very cavalier attitude towards.

    Before that families could afford mortgages, nice new clothes and views of the “snow capped mountain backdrop and sparkling water.

    Pretty soon after NAFTA (watch out for TPP, even your job, Thomas, may be jeopardized) our corporations found the Achilles heels of our decision maker’s and found new friends among the previously dreaded Commies: ever since it’s been a struggle.

    For us that is, not them!

    1. NAFTA has been great to Canada. You prefer less exports to the US, to China and far lower wages ? No imports from Korea or China or US ? A closed society with no immigration like Norway ? Well then I would not be here, nor would be 20,000,000 others as Canada was less than 10,000,000 at some point. Let’s all pack our bags and go “home” ?