June 5, 2014

Bike Rooms – 6: Secure Bike Parking area at Main Street Station

secureThe brand new Secure Bike Parking area at Main Street-Science World has opened.

This indoor facility at Main Street-Science World Station allows registered customers to store their bikes for the day and connect directly to SkyTrain. The facility has over 80 racks, increasing bike storage four times more than the lockers that were there before.

Parking your bike in the Secure Bike Parking area costs just $1/day up to a maximum of $8/month. After parking your bike eight days in a single calendar month, you won’t be charged again until the following month.

Registration officially launched for the limited spaces:

Call C-Media at 604-924-1076  and provide your account information and initial payment.

Your access card will be mailed to you within five business days, then all you need to do is bring your card, bike and lock to Main Street-Science World Station and you’re ready to go! Online registration will be available very soon.

To learn more about Secure Bike Parking areas, go here.

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