April 16, 2014

What’s Happening at Centre A

The Vancouver International Centre for Asian Art:



Game of Couplets, a participatory poetry game by Lydia Kwa
Daily with a special event on May 31 at 3pm


Saturday School 10am-12pm, Saturdays, from April 26 – June 7 (PDF)

Curated by Kathryn Gwun-Yeen Lennon,
with language instruction by Zoe Lam.

Learn Chinatown survival Cantonese and get oriented to the neighbourhood! The streets, shops and spaces of Chinatown will be our classroom and its people will be our textbooks. Classes will include: basic Cantonese greetings, numbers, getting around, how to order food in a restaurant and grocery shopping. We will do short field trips around the neighbourhood and hear stories about Chinatown history, community organizing, and historic and current relationships with the diverse cultural communities who share the space. Our final exam will be a grocery shopping expedition and collaboratively created meal.

7 classes: $40 for members, $60 for non-members, $9 drop-in.


Youth Community Film Screening (PDF)
Curated by Kathryn Gwun-Yeen Lennon
May 10 at 3pm
Free admission


Poetry Reading by Lydia Kwa and Kathryn Gwun-Yeen Lennon
May 17 at 3pm
Free admission

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