March 28, 2014

Friday Unfunnies: Crash Compilations of Vancouver Drivers

Sandy James passes along a link to a News 1130 story that can morbidly fill some time: Dashcam videos paint ugly picture of Metro Vancouver driving

YouTube user “xSupaD” has been compiling video captured by dashcams for about a year now and some of the “best of” have been put together and are making the rounds online.

It’s shocking, depressing (and dare we say even a little funny at times when it involves parkades, cement posts and poor parking skills) and the videos are certainly generating a lot of comments.



More here.

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  1. As would be expected, a lot of left hand turns and blind spots involved (as well as road conditions, etc.)

    Drive defensively!
    (to take a page form the 70s(or 80s) campaign)

  2. Dangerous by design, lots of permitted turns and probably no proper signalization to permit a car to enter on red and clear the intersection at perscribed speed.

    On roadways with many lights, what can be done to allow safe left turns is to do an offset where 2 or 3 lights are green, the next are red. That can facilitate safe left turns.

  3. Vancouver drivers are rubbish drivers, but we are so not competitive with Russian drivers. The Russian Road Rage videos on Youtube are now a genre that rivals funny cats. Dash cams have been popular in Russia for a while for insurance purposes, so there a plenty of material to choose from. Alcoholism is a big problem in Russia and probably accounts for some of this, and there are some poor quality roads, but mostly it is speed, recklessness and just not looking before turning. Fair warning: while most of these videos are just clean fun, some are not. I think on some of the accidents you are witnessing people getting killed.

    On the dash cam issue, and related to self-driving cars, I have wondered why insurers here have not pushed for them more. They could be a big help and determining liability and in determining whether the accident was severe enough to cause injury.