March 24, 2014

Calgary’s proposed cycle track network: An Update

From Agustin, our correspondent in Calgary – where they’re at a pivotal point:


cycle-track-route-plansThe cycle track network plan goes for a vote to Council on April 28, and Bike Calgary (local advocates) are publishing a series of articles from various prominent Calgarians, starting with one of the City Councillors, Evan Woolley. Future articles will come from local community and business leaders.

Councillor Woolley writes:

This is a pivotal moment for our city, one I would liken to the decisions to invest in Light Rail Transit and infrastructure when the city was smaller and younger. Decades ago City Council had the foresight to dedicate 7th Avenue to transit and to create a special feel on Stephen Avenue. These decisions have been enormously successful. Well-planned and wisely built systems work. …

The Cycle Track Network is the next visionary step in downtown Calgary. It will make the city an even better place to live and work.


The CycleTrack Network – from Bike Calgary.  And its Facebook page.

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  1. It is shocking that City planners and transportation experts have taken so long to recognize the obvious, but I suppose better late than never.

  2. This is pretty remarkable to me, after the discussions in Vancouver: Victoria Park Business Revitalization Zone (where some of the routes will go) today came out strongly in favour of the plan.

    “Bikes mean business. Good business, in fact, and Victoria Park wants that business.”

    “The centre city Cycle Track Network will be a great asset to Victoria Park residents and businesses. We’ve done the research, we’ve done the analysis and we support this network because of the clear benefits to be gained, not just for Victoria Park but for the Centre City as a whole.”