“Opera” and “transit” don’t typically do a duet.  One doesn’t associate high culture with low-floor buses, Rigoletto with rapid transit, La Traviata with trains  … oh, I got lots more.

And so does the Vancouver Opera, which is promoting both itself and TravelSmart with this:

opera train


Amazing cultural shift when you think about it.  Bravo, VanOpera.

Now let’s see: La Boheme with buses, Handel with HandyDart, Tosca with trolleys ….

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  1. It should be a business license requirement that any venue seating more than 500 (pick a number) be required to include transit fare in their ticket price, with tickets serving as valid fare within 3 hours (pre and post) event time. I imagine that the ticket printers could work with TransLink to make this happen if all venues required it…