January 23, 2014

Calgary scraps bike-share for BBQ

In a surprise move this week, Calgary City council decided to halt any further discussion on bringing a bike share program to their city. Instead, Calgary will fast track its plans on becoming the first city in the world to have a barbeque share program.




Details here.

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  1. While they jest, this is actually quite a good idea that I expect will happen sooner or later. Any large expensive item that people don’t use all the time is an idea candidate for sharing. Not sure if the high tech approach is the best, a staffed solution could work just fine.

    Instead of having to buy and find the room to store a BBQ in a small apartment or home then get a shared car to lug it down to the beach or park, cycle, walk or take transit to the beach then rent the BBQ there. This would work with other beach items like chairs, umbrellas, floaty things, etc. could be a good source of revunue for parks while reducing the need for paved parking in the park.

    1. Still have to store it and lug it, and the fuel around. And then there are visitors from out of town. Renting and sharing often works much better than owning and storing.

    2. The storage issue actually works in reverse for me. My BBQ stays on the deck year round. I wouldn’t be comfortable leaving a small portable one outside so it would demand valuable and scarce indoor storage space.

      I can see efficiencies in renting/sharing for many situations like parks, but I personally prefer to devote my park/beach time to enjoying myself. Having to stop and cook food would be a drag. I’ve had plenty of meals in parks but they were all prepared in advance and served cold.

  2. Is this for specifically to use at a city park? I don’t see people using a barbeque share to bring to their apartment, townhouse or house.

    What’s wrong with having a bike share and a barbeque share. One could bike to the park with slabs of steak in a basket and then grill at the park.