January 20, 2014

Brown Bag Lectures: Climate Change Plus

From the SFU Department of Geography:


Climate change plus



The Challenge of Stabilizing the Earth’s Climate: A Science Perspective

January 23

West Mall Centre 2000

12:30 pm

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  1. Very clever. Now that the climate warming theory has been exposed as a hoax, it is now merely changing . Who actually still cares about this besides academics ? Who is putting forward real alternatives that don’t kill economies and allow for efficient food production and shipment to 8B+ people. Food production is highly energy intensive, from production to harvesting to shipping to refrigeration to distribution to retail. No alternatives exist today to tractors, trains, boats and trucks. E-trucks ? E-boats ?

    Are professors willing to take a 40% salary cut and no tenure with all the economy killing schemes that are proposed ? Canada is a resource extracting and resource shipping nation. The tax base depends on it. Taxes are used to pay profs, healthcare, natives, schools, etc. .. How else do you propose to finance all that in a carbon less system ?