January 8, 2014

Best Top Ten List, Bicycle Division

Lots of listicles this time of year.  Here’s the best one so far – not even restricted to bikes, though it happens that this is Treehugger’s compilation “based on what you told us you particularly liked and what we think is important” in cycling news.

Every damn one of the stories looked good – with lots of illustrations and videos.

1. The love story with Amsterdam continues


2. Bike sharing is growing up in a big way

3. Death-defying Norwegian cyclist rides down curvy mountain road… backwards


4. Pushing for safer roads for everyone, including cyclists

5. Electric bikes getting more exposure

6. Man with no arms fulfills dream of cycling thanks to custom built bike

7. 45 large U.S. cities ranked by percentage of bicycle commuting



8. Amazing cyclists showing off their skills with whatever they can find

9. More than 50% of city freight could shift from truck to bike

10. You’ve seen Amsterdam and Copenhagen, now check out Groningen


Go here for details, links and more illustrations.

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