November 27, 2013

Los Angeles on Bicycle

Chris Bruntlett, HUSH’s cycling columnist, explored Los Angeles via bicycle and public transit, and meeting with local transportation advocates to chat about the state of cycling there.  Thirty-two photographs and 1,300 words later,  he brilliantly portrays  Seventeen Suburbs in Search of a (Cycling) City:


In short, I discovered the things that supposedly make L.A. so car-dependent might also end up being its saving grace. And though many look down their nose at this sprawling metropolis, cities looking to flourish this century might have a thing or two to learn from it.

LA 2

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  1. Thanks for sharing this one. I moved from Long Beach, Calif to New Westminster two years ago and miss that ability to just bike anywhere. The beach bike path is awesome down there. Now if we only had their long periods of warm sunshine, it would make it easier to head out on the bike in any season.