November 21, 2012

Dynamic Downtowns: Heritage and Sustainability together again

From Sustainable Cities International and C+S Planning Group:

Request for Interest: Dynamic Downtowns Community Workshop

Sustainable Cities International and C+S Planning Group are pleased to partner on “Dynamic Downtowns,” a research project exploring heritage as a key to sustainable downtown revitalization in communities throughout British Columbia.

We are looking for two communities to participate in our pilot project workshop.

“Dynamic Downtowns” includes a toolkit to help communities examine how heritage assets can complement community downtown revitalization strategies. The toolkit highlights current legislative and funding opportunities, present economic analysis, and outlines several case studies of best practices …

If your community is interested in participating in a pilot project we need a preliminary statement of interest  by December 10, 2012


“Dynamic Downtowns” is designed to assist communities examining their own unique heritage features, downtown assets and growth patterns. A decision-matrix is the key component of the toolkit to allow communities to asses their own strengths, barriers and opportunities. Rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, this toolkit is flexible and adaptable. The toolkit is designed to work for municipalities of all sizes and in all stages of downtown revitalization.

Prior to publication, we have the opportunity to workshop the toolkit through community-based pilot projects. These workshops will be provided at minimal cost to two (2) communities, up to a maximum of $1000 (depending on community location). The pilot project will include preliminary research, an on-site assessment, a 4-hour hands-on workshop with up to 25 community stakeholders, and a summary document. The pilot projects are currently scheduled for March 2013.

If your community is interested in participating in a pilot project we need a preliminary statement of interest by December 10, 2012 including:

Current downtown revitalization strategy

Stakeholder interest

Size of community and community assets (heritage buildings, Chamber of Commerce, tourism board, heritage planner, etc)

Please provide your Statement of Interest to Charley Beresford at the Columbia Institute, email:

For more information, please feel free to contact Maria Stanborough, MCIP,

email: ph: 604.562.6256

This project has been funded by the Real Estate Foundation of BC, Heritage Branch of the Provincial Government and the Columbia Institute.

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