May 28, 2012

Annals of Cycling – 59

An occasional update on items from the Velo-city.




Peter Ladner takes a position:

The good news is that Vancouver will finally be announcing its own bike sharing system around the time of the conference. The bad news is that it’s going to fail because of B.C.’s compulsory helmet law.

Rev. TwoWheeler is taking the initiative with a petition, asking Shirley Bond, the Minister of Justice and provincial Attorney-General, to amend the Motor-vehicle Act for exemptions to the compulsory helmet law.  You can get a copy of the letter and petition here to circulate.




Davud Byrne lyrically explains how New York is going to redefine itself with bicycles:

Look around you. Bikes are everywhere: in glamorous ads and fashionable neighborhoods, parked outside art galleries, clubs, office buildings. More and more city workers arrive for work on bikes. The future is visible in the increasing number of bikes you see all over the urban landscape. This simple form of transportation is about to make our city more livable, more human and better connected; New Yokers are going to love the bike-share program; culturally and physically, our city is perfectly suited for it.”




Portland is going to get a bike counter on the Hawthorne Bridge (here); Seattle will have one next to the Fremont Bridge (here).

This is what they do – even at -3 degrees:




The League of American Cyclists announced their “Every Bicyclist Counts” project, which will chronicle news and police reports of cyclists killed on America’s roadways.

every cyclist counts: bike fatalities USA map

The LAB’s Every Bicyclist Counts” website is a memorial and collection of news and information about cyclists killed since January 1, 2012. It’s an expansion to the national level of the effort Ted Rogers has put into tracking southern California fatalities over at Biking In LA.

Besides the narratives, the LAB websites also includes a national map of cycling fatalities.



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  1. The BC Cycling Coalition recently stated that over 3,000 helmet tickets are issued per year in the City of Vancouver. That’s 10% of ALL traffic tickets. Meanwhile, I was in Whistler this past weekend, and saw hundreds of bare-headed cyclists on the streets, paths, and trails there. Clearly, the Whistler RCMP have better things to do. Which begs the question: do the VPD not? Just this past week, a motorcycle cop threatened my wife with a $100 fine for riding her sit-up bike on a designated bikeway, with her helmet in her basket. Please take a second to write Shirley Bond and your MLA, and stop this lunacy…