March 7, 2012

“Love the Bus” – ctd.

Ian Fisher comments on the item – It’s Time to Love the Bus – in Annals of Transit below. 

It’s interesting that the “Love the Bus” thread has been spurred by the unveiling of the sleek new London double-decker.

However, the sad fact in North America is that most transit bus designs here are far behind even standard UK and European bus designs in terms of attractiveness and amenity. Efficient interior layouts, a high degree of transparency (glazing), attractive interiors and refined, smooth styling free of exposed fasteners all need to make it across the Atlantic in a serious way.

You’d think this wouldn’t be too difficult when two of the major North American bus builders are owned by European parents but a low-bid environment and Buy America requirements seem to discourage customer-focused innovation this side of the pond.


Here’s what that London bus is all about:

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  1. There’s also untapped “love on the bus” that I once suggested TransLink could promote. I know two very attractive couples who met each other on public transit and got married. One couple even took their wedding photos on the SkyTrain.

  2. The double deckers that run from Schwartz Bay to Victoria are quite nice and comfortable, but not quite like this. But they are always full. And all that for $2.25.
    The new articulated Flyers that I take occasionally on the Commercial Drive run are like day and night from the old step-up trolley buses. It’s wonderful to see seniors not have to struggle up the stairs. Mothers with strollers ease right in, and the students and young scramble to the back. Articulated buses have been around for a while. We should have had them a long time ago.
    Seems we don’t get it either.

  3. Wow, the rounded back end of those new double-deckers reminds me of our old Brill trolleys. I guess it’s a look that’s coming back into fashion…

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