February 20, 2012

The Jobs Jar

Simon Thielen from Brussels is in Vancouver until August, and looking for opportunity:
I am a planner and historian from Belgium. During three years, I worked as political advisor to the Deputy Mayor of urban planning, mobility and heritage of the City of Brussels.
By strategic planning, management planning, monitoring of applications for planning permission and Agenda 21 coordination, I worked daily to the harmonious development of the European capital. Historian and planner by training, I also paid special attention to heritage preservation, including the development of a management plan for the area of the Grand-Place Unesco World Heritage Site. With this rewarding experience, I wanted to expand my horizons and explore North American territory. Its urban areas, its environment and its landscapes appealed to me. It is within this framework that I applied and was granted a work permit valid for one year after my arrival in Canada.

From September 2011 to January 2012, I worked on the City of Toronto Official Plan Review. Particularly on heritage management. I also studied this context in Montreal and other cities of the Province of Quebec. After this first Canadian experience, I decided to move out of Ontario and discover an other american landscape. I arrived in early January in Vancouver.
I found a mission at Sustainable Cities International, an organization that you know well. I am supporting two projects, on sustainable development monitoring and heritage management. This first step is really interesting. But I am working as volunteer and I would like to complete my week schedule.
 I am currently seeking a job or an internship – I still have to improve my English – in the field of urban planning, mobility, sustainability and heritage.  
Simon can be reached at  simon.thielen@gmail.com

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