April 9, 2007

Crosscut: Stop Smirking, Seattle

Bellevue is more racially diverse than you are. And that’s only one of several surprising revelations involving changing demographics and gentrification. 

In a 2005 census estimate, nonwhites comprised 32 percent of Bellevue’s population. Seattle is at 31 percent.

You can find the full story here in Crosscut – News of the Great Nearby.  This is the latest inititaive of David Brewster, he of Seattle Weekly and Town Hall. 

Based in Seattle, Crosscut is a guide to local and Northwest news, a place to report and discuss local news, and a platform for new tools to convey local news. The journalism of regular citizens appears alongside that of professionals. News coverage with detachment, traditionally practiced by mainstream media outlets, coexists with advocacy journalism and opinion.

You can bookmark it at www.crosscut.com or get an email link.  It’s worth it.

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