January 28, 2007

Good Advice from a Bench

At the corner of Barclay and Denman Streets in the West End, on a small rectangular lot next to King George High School, there are four benches.  Rusty red, flaked and nicked, they look as uncomfortable as the stone walls they butt up against and as worn as the ground they stand on.   But there’s something bright and new on every one: a big brass plaque with an official-looking crest, and some words.
 West End bench
The crest, it turns out, is of King George High School, and my assumption is that these are gifts from the grads.
The advice:
Denman Bench advice 1  
“Take time to meander in your quest.”
Denman Bench advice 2
“Slow down.  You move too fast.”
So if you actually stop to read the two plaques, then in the first case, you have, and in the second, you don’t.

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  1. Why were those Benches removed ? ? ? I know those four teachers who retired. Why are there any complaints about those four teachers ? ? ?

  2. My guess is that they were used by those that some would consider undesirable.
    The issue with benches is that there need to be enough of them so that you are not stuck sitting beside those mentioned above. The best area in the city for benches is on 41st in Kerrisdale. There are comfortable benches everywhere.
    Contrast that with Renfrew Ravine Sanctuary Park. There’s one bench on the eastern part of it – usually occupied by smokers. The bottom part of the park has two benches – usually occupied by smokers.
    We appreciate the benches in parks that act as memorials. Let’s stop burying rich people and use the money to build benches or housing.

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