Featured image for “Nice planet – but not a priority”

Nice planet – but not a priority

Today’s New York Times: From 2002 until this year, NASA’s mission statement, prominently featured in…
Featured image for “Weekend Rumour”

Weekend Rumour

The escalating costs of construction – a world-wide phenomenon – may be taking down a…
Featured image for “Traffic Calming in the West End”

Traffic Calming in the West End

Here’s a cool thought for a hot day: As far as I can tell, the…
Featured image for “Brent Toderian new Vancouver planner”

Brent Toderian new Vancouver planner

It’s official (by way of Calgary): Brent Toderian is the new City of Vancouver planner.…
Featured image for “The Full Curmungeon”

The Full Curmungeon

Vancouver Sun columnist Pete McMartin is in full curmungeon today: “Little Mother just wants you…
Featured image for “U-Turn”


Couldn’t say this better …. Translink Report: Commuters will abandon transit and take cars 19…
Featured image for “Bad Strategy”

Bad Strategy

Today on Andrew Sullivan‘s blog: The real danger is a newly emboldened Islamist region with…
Featured image for “Accumulating Evidence”

Accumulating Evidence

More evidence from Stats Canada that we’re getting what we say we want. “B.C. Residents…
Featured image for “Dancing and Fighting”

Dancing and Fighting

A perfect day, really: sunny but not too hot. The beaches and bikeways are packed,…

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