Here’s the latest from Todd Litman.  He’s the guy behind the Victoria Transport Policy Institute,…
Featured image for “Revelation: Seoul's Cheonggyecheon”

Revelation: Seoul's Cheonggyecheon

I had read about this before, but didn’t really appreciate it until I saw this…
Featured image for “AN OLIVE BRANCH FOR A BRIDGE”


The GVRD has politely asked the Province whether it would like to talk about our…
Featured image for “Frontiers in Traffic Calming”

Frontiers in Traffic Calming

Mary Jo Porter from Seattle knew I’d love this piece from Monday’s Seattle Times: a…
Featured image for “MUST READ – Canadian Architect”

MUST READ – Canadian Architect

This month’s issue of Canadian Architect is largely devoted to Vancouver. I’ll definitely have more…
Featured image for “Wonderful World, c. 1954”

Wonderful World, c. 1954

Jason Vanderhill saw this reprint from a children’s book of 1954 – The Wondeful World – on…
Featured image for “Canada: A country without a future?”

Canada: A country without a future?

When it comes to sustainable city-building, the urban-issues columnist for the Toronto Star, Christopher Hume,…
Featured image for “Architectural Comfort Food”

Architectural Comfort Food

There’s a provcative critique of Vancouver’s downtown architecture by Robert A.M. Stern in the Sun…
Featured image for “Viewpoint: My window, Vancouver”

Viewpoint: My window, Vancouver

The view out the front window this evening, as the long summer draws in.  …
Featured image for “Google Transit”

Google Transit

Okay, TransLink, get on the phone immediately to Google – (650) 253-0000 – and ask…
Featured image for “"Extreme Makeover" – Governing Magazine's take on Vancouver”

"Extreme Makeover" – Governing Magazine's take on Vancouver

Alan Ehrenhalt, the Executive Editor of Governing Magazine made a special visit to Vancouver this spring to witness…
Featured image for “Vancouverism – An Australian Perspective”

Vancouverism – An Australian Perspective

Nice piece here on Vancouver by Dr. Gabrielle Kuipe, an urban planner in Sydney who…
Featured image for “Price Tags 88 – Intersections”

Price Tags 88 – Intersections

A new Price Tags has just been published.  PT 88 compares two downtown intersections in emerging…
Featured image for “Caifornia Scheming”

Caifornia Scheming

California has done it again. The Governor and Legislature, though from opposing political parties, have…

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