Featured image for “Viewpoint: Stephen Rees's Garden”

Viewpoint: Stephen Rees's Garden

Disclosure: This is an idea taken directly from Andrew Sullivan’s blog, who asked his readers…
Featured image for “Home Again”

Home Again

Great vacation time in Montreal and Vermont.  For a perspective on public spaces in Montreal,…
Featured image for “Vacation Time”

Vacation Time

Off to Vermont for a week to do a little cycling, then up to Montreal…
Featured image for “Fireworks”


First night of the fireworks at English Bay.  Just us and a quarter million of…
Featured image for “Highrise versus Lowrise”

Highrise versus Lowrise

Seattle-ite Patrick McGrath asked the following question in a comment to the “Density Game” below:…
Featured image for “Khenko Lands”

Khenko Lands

Doug Taylor, the creator of Khenko (see post below), sent along these pics when the…
Featured image for “Not your father's suburbs”

Not your father's suburbs

SkyTrain opened in 1985. Twenty-one years later, the suburbs along the line have come of…
Featured image for “Khenko Flies”

Khenko Flies

Just over two years ago, when I was first started Price Tags, Khenko was on…
Featured image for “The Density Game”

The Density Game

In municipal politics, “density” is a code word. For some, it’s synonymous with urban decay,…
Featured image for “Nice planet – but not a priority”

Nice planet – but not a priority

Today’s New York Times: From 2002 until this year, NASA’s mission statement, prominently featured in…
Featured image for “Weekend Rumour”

Weekend Rumour

The escalating costs of construction – a world-wide phenomenon – may be taking down a…
Featured image for “Traffic Calming in the West End”

Traffic Calming in the West End

Here’s a cool thought for a hot day: As far as I can tell, the…
Featured image for “Brent Toderian new Vancouver planner”

Brent Toderian new Vancouver planner

It’s official (by way of Calgary): Brent Toderian is the new City of Vancouver planner.…
Featured image for “The Full Curmungeon”

The Full Curmungeon

Vancouver Sun columnist Pete McMartin is in full curmungeon today: “Little Mother just wants you…

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