December 12, 2022

Los Angeles County Approves First Domestic Unicorn Licence to Madeline

It was a first for Los Angeles County Animal Care and it probably was a first for North America.

A young girl named Madeline wrote a letter asking if she could keep a unicorn in her yard in the county if she could find one. Madeline is aware that housing such a rare animal might not be allowed and requested a “letter in response”.

As posted by Los Angeles County’s Instagram account staff wrote back to Madeline’s November 14 handprinted letter within two weeks and surprisingly granted her to maintain a unicorn in her county backyard.

The permit is subject for five conditions which included using only non-toxic glitter on a real unicorn that would also be biodegradable.The unicorn must be treated in a humane manner and must be fed watermelon once a week. The unicorn also has to have access  sunshine, rainbows and moonbeams.

A stuffed toy unicorn was also sent by L.A. Animal Care as they realized the hunt for the rare living unicorn might be a long one.


You can view below the  first official unicorn license in the county.

images: LACountyAnimalControl



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  1. Well, I am very touched by this human face to LA which was previously and prejudicially formed by Sgt Joe Friday of Dragnet. Great posting Sandy!

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