November 28, 2022

Want to Slow Traffic & Make Your Streets Safer? BC Vision Zero Grants Now Available

Nathan Davidowicz  has been an active travel advocate for over three decade.  He sends out to interested parties “BC Canada WEEKLY ALTERNATIVE BUZZER” which provides a news clipping service of all things related to transit in Metro Vancouver and beyond.

Mr. Davidowicz provided this link to Vision Zero BC’s Road Safety Grant Program which is being administered by the BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit (BCIRPU).

This group will provide funding up to $20,000 for projects contributing to Vision Zero or the Safe Systems Approach, where no road deaths occur.

There are two “streams” for funding. The first is open to local governments and NGO’s (non governmental organizations) and can provide temporary or permanent enhancements that make streets safer for pedestrians or cyclists, and can include “traffic signal timing changes, raised crosswalks, solar-powered speed feedback signs, rectangular rapid flashing beacons, innovative pavement markings, and curb extensions or bollards”. 

The second stream is for indigenous communities. This stream can include “road safety planning, community consultations, or stakeholder engagement, as well as initiatives aimed to address specific issues such as driver training, impaired driving, or a bike-share program to increase active transportation”. 

You can take a look at the projects funded in the last cycle here.

In the last granting cycle, 73 percent of applications for stream one were approved, and 100 percent of applications for stream two. Potential applicants are matched with a grant contact in the local health authority to assess the project and assist with the application.

For further information you can review the website here or contact the BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit (BCIRPU) at Applications close on January 16, 2023.

The short video below describes the background regarding Vision Zero and outlines the work of the Prevention Unit in making streets and public areas safer for all users.






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