September 29, 2022

The Making of K.C. Hall’s Ten Storey Mural with Photographer Ken Ohrn: 1461 Harwood

Vancouver photographer Ken Ohrn knows a good urban design when he sees one, and he’s been documenting the wonderful mural by artist K.C. Hall that has brightened the neighbourhood surrounding 1461 Harwood Street in the Westend.

K. C. is short for Kelsey,  and this talented artist is from Bella Bella in Heiltsuk Nation territory on B.C.’s central coast. Mr. Hall’s precision and use of the artistic line comes from his interest in handwriting, lettering and graphic design.

Mr. Hall has also invited everyone to the unveiling of his delightful mural, which takes place today Thursday September 29 at 6 p.m. on site at 1461 Harwood.

Here’s the invitation:


And just because Ken is Ken and terrific at documenting things like the dismantling of the Barge on the Beach (which Viewpoint Vancouver covered here) he’s also followed the artistic construction of this mural which helps a pretty plain grey residential tower pop.

Above, 1461 Harwood at the start of the painting, with a scaffold built up to the first floor.

Then a stencilled overlay and colour is laid on.


The artist working on a gantry scaffold for the painting and detail.

And the finished product, to be unveiled later today!

And here’s the artist’s write up on this work:



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