July 25, 2022

Book Launch! Do You Know About Britannia Secondary School’s “Streetfront” Alternative Program?

Sometimes in the eyes of others you can better see ourselves.  Vancouver has had a unique relationship with  the University of Groningen where the Department of Cultural Geography have brought their students to Vancouver as part of an international study tour. This of course has halted during the pandemic, but did not stop the students from exploring Vancouver through webinars with local Vancouverites.

The very last summer school before the pandemic Dr. Bettina Van Hoven and her students were inspired by the extraordinary program called “Streetfront” located at Britannia Secondary School.

Streetfront is an alternative program for at risk grade 8 to 10 students and features a unique combination of 60% core academics and 40% sports and outdoor education. You can take a look at the program here, which is centered around participation in  four running  marathons during the school year.

The program has a steady increase in Indigenous student enrollment, and the students from the Netherlands became inspired by the Streetfront teacher and students and program. Streetfront is located in the portable by the Indigenous garden, beyond the Britannia Secondary School  sports fields.

The Dutch students wanted to share the work of the school to inspire others, and created a book about the Streetfront program. Dr. Van Hoven has travelled to Vancouver with 126 copies to leave with  the local community.

There will be a book launch on Tuesday July 26 at 6:00 p.m. at Britannia Secondary School located at 1001 Cotton Drive in Vancouver. (The actual alternative school is located in the portable on the northwest corner of the campus on McLean Street beside the parking lot , but there will be directional signage from the front of Britannia to you guide you).

Dr. Van Hove will also be there to learn more, and to share the work her students have done on this special program.




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