July 18, 2022

Heritage Vancouver Walking Tour – Jul 31

Walking Tour: The Pandemic-Era City and Beyond, 2022 Version


The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted how we live our everyday lives, how we connect with the people and places we care about, and how we think about and experience the city. What is the heritage of an event that has impacted our lives so profoundly? We follow up on last year’s pandemic tour with some updates to reflect the changing situation from a year ago.

On this two-hour tour around downtown Vancouver, we will be exploring the multilayered effects of the ongoing pandemic in the city and reflecting on some key questions: How will the ‘new normal’ be configured in the post-pandemic city? Will there be enduring changes to the way we work, travel, shop, gather, protest, celebrate, and memorialize? What will the changes to our streetscapes and built forms look like?


Alasdair Butcher is the founder of Vancouver DeTours, a walking tour organization that celebrates the ‘pedagogy of the pedestrian’, and has been leading walks and giving guest lectures on the more obscure aspects of the city’s history to anyone who will listen since 2008. 


Sunday, July 31

10 am – Noon

Cost: By donation

Location: Will be provided

Registration here


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